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Three West Seattle Crime Watch notes:

STORE MAIL TRUCK: We haven’t been able to piece together more information on this – the police reports won’t be available until Monday – so we’re just writing them. Several readers provided us with a photo posted on social media Friday afternoon of a USPS truck, empty, at 36th/Dawson, and items scattered around. When we heard about this story, we went but it was not there. A police call to the area was referred to as a “suspicious person or vehicle.” However, archived dispatch audio confirmed that the USPS truck was indeed stolen from 36th/Snoqualmie around 1:45 pm, the carrier was delivering mail, moments before 36th/Dawson was found. If you think your mail may have been stolen, here’s USPS advice on how to report it.

PACKAGE RECEIVED: Richard found something the package thief didn’t want:

I found this Amazon package yesterday (Fri 12/16) at noon on the side of the road, Fairmount Ave SW. The package was empty & they tore off the address label but the item looks so unique that someone might benefit knowing it could be stolen. This item Cherbie Wicked Ball SE (smart pet ball). I will try to contact Amazon with the little information I have but hopefully the buyer will get the credit. This time of year it’s best to use Amazon lockers instead of having packages left at your door.

CRIME PREVENTION SEASON: Speaking of tips, the annual tips run by SPD are in this leaflet sent by the Southwest Precinct Crime Prevention Coordinator. Jennifer Danner – the calculation of the package includes. He also officially announced the next community meeting at the site (West Seattle Crime Prevention Council) scheduled for 7 pm Thursday, January 12 – with online and in-person options.

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