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Three things in West Seattle Crime Watch this afternoon:

(Photo by WSB, last Friday)

IDENTIFIED THE MURDERER: Last week, a man was shot and killed in a car in Roxhill Park parking lot. No arrests have been made so far, but the victim has been identified: he is 21 years old Carlo D. Mazzaferroaccording to King County Medical Examiner’s Office, were killed by “multiple gunshot wounds.” Mr. Mazzaferro’s death appeared online today, remembering him as “a unique person, physically and professionally, with dreams of becoming a producer one day” and noting that “addiction (was) an unwelcome companion throughout his life” that he struggled with. help to join at Victory Outreach Church of Seattle. That is where the Memorial is planned on Monday. Police have not released information about a suspected motive or other circumstances beyond what was reported at the scene that night.

INJURY REMOVED BY THE FENTANYL-SWAP PROBE: On Thursday media outlets across the city reported on SPD arrests in an investigation involving the exchange of fentanyl for EBT. These reports came from SPD Blotter The article reveals that the arrests covered here in September were the result of the initial stages of this investigation. From the SPD post:

Shortly after beginning their investigation, detectives learned of a man selling drugs from an RV. On September 23, police served a search warrant on an RV in the 3700 block of Southwest Marginal Place and arrested the occupant.

At that time he was 62 years old Thomas B. Hull, who as we reported at the time was charged with drug and gun charges. He had been released from jail the day after his arrest – even before charges were filed – after a judge refused to comply with a prosecutor’s request for a $100,000 bond and posted a $10,000 bond instead. Jail records show he was back in jail in connection with the same incident from October 1st to 6th. His story continues through the series.

STOLEN CAR HOTSPOT: Stolen cars are found in communities around the peninsula (and the city) but there are a few known hotspots – Harbor Avenue, near the 1st Avenue South Bridge, under the west end of the West Seattle Bridge among them. Listening to the police station, one stop two days ago – the 9400 block of Myers Way South, near Seattle Fire Joint Training Facility. At least six stolen cars have been found there since Thursday morning. We have no information but we heard one described online today as a stolen Honda Civic in Pierce County.

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