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December 16-CLARK COUNTY – The Clark County murder trial entered its third day of testimony Friday.

Jessey Andrews is on trial in the death of his ex-wife, Jasmine Andrews, who died after being shot on Kerry Ann Way in Jeffersonville on February 17th.

The defendant was charged with murder six weeks later, and court documents say he initially called authorities to report that Jasmine had killed herself.

Video from when Jeffersonville Police first spoke to Andrews was shown in court Friday.

JPD Detective Sgt. Samuel Moss was called to testify by Clark County Deputy Prosecutor Tom Lowe.

Video of Jesse being interviewed by Detective Sgt. Moss and another JPD officer were shown.

In the video Jessey is emotional and tells the police that he did not kill Jasmine.

After the video, Lowe asked Moss about his exchange with Jessey.

Moss said Jessey told police he and Jasmine had an argument about their relationship that led to the shooting. He noted that he felt that Jessey was very touching during their conversation.

Lowe also asked Moss about the remaining gun tests and said that based on his knowledge, the results could be wrong.

Moss was asked by the prosecution and the defense why these tests are being conducted and he testified that they are conducted when the investigation goes before the court.

The exchange between Detective Sgt. Moss and defense attorney David Mosley during the interview were animated at times.

Mosley questioned why JPD did not send the gun used in the shooting to the Indiana State Police lab for DNA and fingerprints testing and instead, it was used during Jasmine’s autopsy.

“The reason we thought it was important to do … was to see if it was possible for him to (shoot himself) from a left angle,” Moss said.

In the first testimony, Jasmine’s father, James Cochran, testified that she was right-handed. Moss testified Jasmine was a minor and the gun used in the shooting was different.

“Was it worth giving up the opportunity to do meaningful DNA testing (and fingerprint testing)?” Mosley asked.

Moss said it was.

Jeffersonville Police Corporal Shawn Leavell was also called by prosecutors on Friday.

He testified that he took some photographs of the evidence gathered at the scene on Kerry Ann Way. He said he took the photos on February 21, a few days after the shooting.

Some of the images included a gun believed to be used in the shooting, and clothing.

The defense asked him if he was just helping by taking pictures and he said he was.

Earlier in the day, prosecutors called employees of the Indiana State Police test lab to testify.

Forensic biologist Scott Grammer testified via Zoom and confirmed that he did a DNA test on the evidence from Jasmine.

ISP forensic gun examiner Mitzi Templeton testified that she conducted forensic tests on the gun and bullets in the incident, as well as the hat Jasmine was wearing during the shooting. Templeton testified that holes corresponding to the gun’s entry and exit points were noted on the hat.

Questions about the hat were asked both by the defense in cross-examination and also by the prosecution.

The trial is being held in Clark Circuit 1 with Judge Susan Orth presiding.

More testimony is expected Monday.

If convicted, Jessey faces 45 to 65 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

The case is one of several that police believe to be domestic violence homicides in Southern Indiana this year.

Brandee Douglass, and agent Lorin Yelle, were shot and killed at the Circle K gas station in New Albany on April 4. Douglass’ husband, Cherok Douglass, is charged with murder in both cases. The trial is scheduled to begin on March 13, 2023.

In Sellersburg, Elizabeth “Lizzie” Bennett Lewis was shot and killed in Sellersburg on April 1. Her husband, Mac Lewis, was charged with murder. His trial date is set for January 17, 2023.

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