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All parents carry a little guilt for one reason or another, but because Nick Cannon, the father of the case beats a little. The actor and media celebrity recently revealed that he is the father of 11 children, and he will soon be 12 years old. Check with Dr. Agus.

“Being a father of many children, it’s always a huge guilt for me that I don’t get to spend enough time with all my children,” said Cannon. Many wonder how Wild N’ Out The host is now planning to extend her time further as she is expecting a new baby with partner Alyssa Scott.

“One is because I’m always working and two is because I’m thin,” he explained.

If you remember, Scott and Cannon tragically lost their first child, Zen last December at five months old to brain cancer. Cannon also spoke about the couple’s decision to have the baby boy undergo chemotherapy.

“He was healthy, active, always smiling,” my father said of Zen. The baby apparently also had breathing problems at two months.

“We [also] he saw that his head was a little bigger, [but] all my children have big heads. I was a big-headed kid,” said Cannon.

Believing that Zen might have asthma, the new parents took the child to see a doctor who was shocked by the size of the child’s head. Cannon said the doctor said this was “the first sign that something was going on.”

According to the People, Zen was diagnosed with high-grade glioma, a rare and aggressive form of brain cancer. But for Cannon and Scott, chemo wasn’t an option.

“To see your son hooked up to all those machines – and he had to go two or three times, and that was sad every time – even in that little time, I didn’t think he had to go through. chemo.”

Cannon, who is very knowledgeable about treatment (as he has also had to undergo a form of chemotherapy himself his lupus), he told the host that “you know what that does to me.” As Cannon is expecting his 12th child, many are wondering why he continues to father children, and whether or not they are all planned. He insisted that he always wanted a big family, and that he might not be finished yet.

On Saturday, photos of Cannon’s vacation taken on different days with his children and their mothers began to circulate online, and there a lot what to say on social media.

One Twitter user asked, “How are you? will you spend time with them if she is busy with more pregnancies?”

“I think he’s trying to do that [many] before the end of his journey on earth,” one Instagram commenter wrote with a sad face emoji as if to take advice on expanding the family or Cannon’s life.

Some are too eager to criticize my father’s decisions.

“You are causing generational trauma,” read another comment.

Others see nothing but a man trying to do the best he can with all his children.

“A father trying to be a good father to all his children no matter what,” wrote one Instagram user, pointing out that there are plenty of parents struggling to do the same.

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