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The Internet and Stanley Kubrick’s Twitter account had a lot to say in their reaction to the wild trailer for Barbie, a tribute to 2001.

New Barbie tea trailer is gaining a lot of reactions online from fans and Stanley Kubrick’s Twitter account. From the first set of pictures for Barbie, starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, was released online, netizens expressed both skepticism and excitement about the film directed by Greta Gerwig. As more videos and photos revealed glimpses of extravagant costumes and a seemingly campy tone, enthusiasm grew in colorful hacks, with users pointing out Robbie’s doll-like good looks and expressing delight at the film’s seemingly comical nature.


Now, the first wild teaser trailer Barbie dropped, paying homage to the Kubrick classic 2001: A Space Odyssey by painting Robbie’s Barbie as a monolith. Stanley Kubrick’s Twitter account, run by the film’s late owner, acknowledged the trailer with a post of humor and thanks. Some netizens commented on Kubrick’s tweet and responded to the tweet with memes and jokes. See the tweet from Kubrick’s estate and other reactions below:

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Twitter Reactions Are Promising For Barbie

Issa Rae raising her arm to Barbie

Given the huge hype for Nolan’s star-studded period film Oppenheimer, Barbie opening on that day can be a cause for concern. However, many Twitter reactions to the teaser indicated that there will be no competition between the two movies as users have been talking about their desire to watch them back to back. In addition, many memes about viewers buying Barbie appropriately exaggerated costume tickets suggest that the audience is already planning to show up at the movie.

All Revealed in the Barbie Trailer

Margot Robbie Flashes a Sparkling Barbie Dress

In the comic book, more appearances from Robbie and Gosling are revealed, including an unexpected (and hilarious) dark appearance by Gosling’s Ken that echoes earlier teases about the character’s dramatic sadness. I Barbie trailer tribute to 2001: A Space Odyssey it reveals both the epic scope of what the movie wants to accomplish as it questions Barbie’s legacy and the film’s tongue-in-cheek, self-reflexive tone. Adding to that homage, the following dreamlike clips offer detailed first looks at Simu Liu, Ncuti Gatwa, Issa Rae (who appears to be wearing a President Barbie belt), and Kingsley Ben-Adir’s versions of Barbie and Ken. .

In one of the final images of the teaser trailer, the pastel world of Barbie is shown, with Robbie’s character overlooking the city. While the structural details of Barbie has yet to be revealed, the trailer makes it clear that viewers are in for a treat full of candy. Barbie is a comedy that examines Mattel’s doll line through a humorous, feminist lens, and the trailer proves that the cast and crew didn’t screw up while making what’s sure to be a Barbie fan’s dream movie.

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