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Interspecies friendships are always interesting. Also, social media is full of videos showing the unlikely bond between two animals of different species. Among the many trending videos of all time, one such video shows an unexpected encounter between a cat and a deer. Although the two seem friendly at first, what happens as the video progresses will leave you torn.

The now-viral cute video was shared on Instagram on December 14. The clip captures a black cat and a deer in the same frame. A playful feline tries to make friends with a reindeer by jumping up close to the latter and scratching its hind legs. The deer, startled by the sudden encounter, tries to kick the cat but misses.

After several seconds of staring at each other, the deer inches closer to the cat, and begins to sniff and lick the cat. The cat seems to like to pay attention to the horned animal as it lies on the grass. However, their friendship did not end as the deer, out of green, played with the cat, and rolled it with its legs. Eventually the cat flees the scene.

Although the caption of the video reads, “So beautiful,” social media users failed to agree with it. Share their reactions in the comments section of the post. While many shared their rib-tickling comments, one user commented, “‘So cute’ that thing really could have killed a cat without even trying.” “What’s so good about that? Finally the animal chased the cat away,” commented another. another third.

To date, the video has amassed over 553k views with over 29.5k likes on Instagram.

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