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Breakthrough infrared imaging technology poised to transform five industries.

FRESH MEADOWS, NY, December 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In a world where the only constant is change, there is a surprisingly ancient technology that is still widely used today; infrared imaging.

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The existing technology for manufacturing thermal imaging camera sensors is based on a more than 40-year-old ANALOG process called quantum well and bolometers. This requires advanced semiconductor manufacturing. This is very costly and requires smaller, complex and costly nano-sized semiconductor structures to make products and make further improvements. The all new patented (US 7,381,953 B1) Digital Direct IR paradigm is completely digital, NO analog components. That’s just one difference that forty years can make.

In addition, existing infrared camera systems only see one part of the infrared spectrum. The light spectrum consists of mid-infrared and far-infrared segments. Today, a user who wants to see many parts of the spectrum would need to buy four cameras; Digital Direct IR (D2IR) technology has a patented (US 10,171,758 B2) camera design that can see visible, near infrared, mid, and far infrared from a single camera with a single lens and all on the same optical centerline.

Other technologies require four cameras, four lenses, and must use correction software and lenses to converge and align the images. In addition to the need for multiple cameras to view different parts of the spectrum, currently available cameras require multiple lenses to correct for spectral distortions caused by the lenses themselves. These lenses are made of gemological materials and are extremely expensive. They also need software to correct chromatic aberration and spherical aberration. Not any more. Thanks to the breakthroughs of Digital Direct IR technology, all this is now history.

The company’s business model focuses on its flagship technology with an industry-specific approach to revenue generation. In the automotive market, management believes that the future is to work with one of the OEMs or first tier suppliers. Their plan is for the partner to design and build the product to their own specifications; of which D2IR anticipates receiving upfront payment for milestone and ongoing licensing revenue.

Added to this is the company’s position in the vast sector of emergency medical services, aviation, healthcare and even the US military. With over twenty patents, D2IR is a tech startup worth watching.

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