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SACRAMENTO – On the heels of Governor Gavin Newsom’s $6.5 billion investment to expand broadband infrastructure and improve Internet access in underserved and underserved communities, today construction began in rural San Diego County on the first leg of a 10,000-mile broadband network aimed at bringing high-speed Internet service for all Californians, regardless of where they live.

“California is now one step closer to making the digital divide a thing of the past,” Governor Newsom said. “We’re starting to build today to get affordable high-speed Internet to every California home because livelihoods depend on equal access to reliable and fast Internet connections. This is about ensuring that all Californians, no matter what zip code they call home, can be a part of the Golden State’s thriving and diverse economy.”

Newsom Administration officials are celebrating the start of construction on the first leg of a 10,000-mile broadband network.

Construction began Thursday on State Route 67 near Poway in San Diego County, where Newsom Administration officials gathered as a 500-foot fiber optic cable wound through the pipeline for the first phase of a massive, $3.6 billion statewide project known as the ” Middle Mile” broadband. the network.

The planned network, which will be the largest in the nation, will connect the entire state to help bring reliable, high-speed Internet access to millions of Californians who don’t currently have it. About one in five Californians lack access to reliable and affordable high-speed Internet. Once completed, funding for “last mile” efforts will support Internet connections from “middle mile” lines to homes and businesses, as well as efforts to ensure people can afford broadband service where it already exists.

Last year, the Governor signed into law a landmark $6 billion to achieve Broadband for All, including $3.25 billion for the medium-mile network and this year’s budget has earmarked an additional $550 million for the project as you start building.

The 2021 Act included:

  • $3.25 billion to build, operate and maintain an open access, medium-mile state network.
  • $2 billion to build last-mile broadband connections that will connect homes and businesses through local area networks. The law expedites project deployment and empowers National and local governments to access this funding.
  • $750 million in loan loss reserves to strengthen the ability of local governments and nonprofits to secure funding for broadband infrastructure.
  • Creation of a broadband czar position at the California Department of Technology, and a broadband advisory committee with representatives from state government and members appointed by the Legislature.

Californians interested in seeing if they qualify for high-speed Internet services now available can learn more on the state’s Broadband for All website here.

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