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Flight announcements made by pilots before takeoff are often dull. These announcements, at times, may add to the anxiety of being 36,000 feet in the air for those who fear flying. However, many pilots use the same announcement to make the flight easier for the passengers on board. For the same reason, the announcement of the SpiceJet pilot has now received the attention of the Internet. The pilot is now commanding the attention of the internet because of his fun and poetic announcement.

The captain of the SpiceJet flight from Delhi to Srinagar brought in the passengers, and social media listened to him. The announcement, full of rhymes, was recorded by one of the passengers, and the video is now circulating on the Internet. The video uploaded by a social media user named Eepsita on Twitter now has more than 102k views and continues to gain more.

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Someone gave details of the incident in his tweet and said, “On the @flyspicejet flight from Delhi to Srinagar & omg, the captain killed it! They started in English, but I started recording later. Idk if this is a new commercial track or it was the captain himself, but this was fun and lovely!”

In the video, the pilot can be heard sharing the details of the flight in a strange manner with rhyming sentences. Meanwhile, the passengers who heard this announcement could be heard laughing.

Many social media users reacted to the video, thanking the captain, while others shared the same experience. One social media user said, “Think about it captain. I’ve heard a few very creative captains over the past few months trying to make these boring announcements fun on all the different flights.” While another user said, “Awesome new announcement.”

After the post went viral, SpiceJet acknowledged the post and commented on it, saying, “Glad you liked it, Eepsita. Please send us your PNR so we can share your words with our Captain. Stay #RedHotSpicy.”

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