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Spain will launch the Global Nomad Visa in 2023

Highlights of Spain’s 2023 Global Nomad Visa Launch

  • Spain plans to introduce a Global Nomad visa for foreign immigrants who want to work remotely from January 2023.
  • The country is ready to encourage start-ups to set up businesses that benefit emerging companies and Spain.
  • Since the digital nomad visa is also subject to the Start-up Act, the Spanish authorities plan to reduce the corporate tax.
  • The authorities can reduce the corporate tax to 15% to 25% for start-ups and digital nomads.

Introduction of Spanish Global Nomad Visa in 2023

Spain will launch the Digital Global Nomad visa in early 2023 to support, promote and encourage the existing trend of emerging companies.

Spain is considered one of the best places to live. And to start a business, the country is the best place. With the recently updated Business Incorporation Act, Spain has eliminated the limit on the maximum number of start-ups that can be set up by one person.

Spain claims that the country has the highest proportion of entrepreneurs and serial entrepreneurs (running multiple businesses). Encouraging start-ups, such as tech companies in the country, is conducive to achieving the best economic results.

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What is a Spanish Global Nomad Visa?

The Spanish authorities plan to introduce a Nomad visa for foreigners that will allow them to start working remotely from January 2023.

A foreigner can apply for a Digital Global Nomad Visa to visit and work remotely in Spain for companies located in other countries.

The Spanish authorities have stated that the Digital Nomad visa brings significant financial contributions to the countries that have introduced such visas.

The most famous Digital Nomad visas in Spain among European countries are Croatia, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia and Romania.

Reduction of corporate tax in Spain

The Spanish authorities have introduced new changes to the Startup Act or Tax Incentives Act or Corporate Income Tax for the benefit of digital nomads and start-ups.

Corporate tax can be reduced to 25% – 15% for both.

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