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Samsung Internet is the only known web browser for Wear OS. Last week, however, it disappeared from the Google Play Store, leaving people with no choice to install a reputable web browser on their smartwatch. Fortunately, Samsung’s web browser for Wear OS is now back on the Google Play Store. But why did Samsung remove it in the first place?

However, Samsung does not provide details on why it did so. Has the company removed the web browser from the Google Play Store because it was coming up with a new version of the app? Well, that doesn’t seem to be the case, as the app that returned to the Google Play Store is unchanged from the one that was removed from the platform. Perhaps it was accidentally removed from the company’s end.

With the launch of the Galaxy Watch 4, Samsung ditched Tizen for its smartwatches in favor of Wear OS. Soon after, it launched the Samsung Internet platform. Due to the lack of other Wear OS web browsers, such as Google Chrome, Samsung Internet has been the only popular internet browser in the area.

Initially, Samsung Internet was only available on Samsung smartwatches. Later, the company made it available on Wear OS smartwatches from other brands as well. While it’s nowhere near as feature-rich as your smartphone or tablet, it at least lets you browse the web from an arm’s length away, literally!

Samsung Internet Browser For Wear OS Smartwatches

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