Oswego Walmart reopens after AirDropped bomb threat, police say | Jobs Recent

Oswego, NY – An Oswego Walmart is open after closing due to several customers receiving an AirDropped message about a bomb threat, police said.

At 7:31 pm Sunday night police arrived at Walmart at 341 State Route 104 for a bomb threat, the Oswego Police Department said in a statement.

The sellers received an AirDropped message that was confusing but threatening, police said. AirDropping is a method of sending files from one Apple product to another. Unless the settings are changed anyone can drop a message to another.

Walmart management evacuated the store, and it was closed for the night, police said.

Walmart has reopened and is operating as usual, police said.

The police are investigating where this message came from, they said.

Police ask anyone with information or who received the message to call them at 315-342-8178.

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