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CtrlStack Inc., provider of an innovative DevOps observation platform that simplifies real-time troubleshooting, today announced a stealth launch with $5.2 million in seed funding co-led by Sequoia Capital and Engineering Capital.

Kearny Jackson, Webb Investment Network and Lightspeed also participated in the seed round.

Today’s digitized companies and developers continue to deliver apps and features faster than ever before. To achieve this, the software development and IT operations teams work closely together, creating something called DevOps. When incidents occur, they can occur in any number of systems related to the digital environment, including code, infrastructure or operations, or any combination of changes made to any of them.

The CtrlStack platform works by tracing relationships between components in customer systems, thus linking cause and effect to simplify troubleshooting and speed up the process of determining the root cause of an incident. By enabling DevOps teams to solve problems in real time, developers and engineers can be more confident about the changes they make.

“The monitoring and observable space still relies heavily on human-driven workflows and fragmented data, which is not sustainable given the complexity and constant change in DevOps environments,” said Dev Nag, CEO of CtrlStack. “We need to reimagine the way we practice observability so that teams can solve problems in real time, not in hours or days.”

By creating a knowledge graph of the entire infrastructure, connected services, and impact of changes, CtrlStack can provide the ability to track system changes and relationships across the entire system stack. This means DevOps teams can view dependencies, the potential effect of changes, and analyze events in real time.

Key platform features include an event timeline that allows teams to view and filter change events without having to search through log files or conduct user surveys, and a knowledge graph that provides operational insights. Both of these features also drive dashboards for developers and DevOps teams.

Developers get access to a “Change Impact” dashboard that provides one-click visibility into any changes to code commits, configuration files, or feature flags. DevOps teams get a root cause analysis dashboard that enables them to capture the entire context as they occur with a searchable dependency timeline showing all impacted topology and impacted metrics.

The platform enables teams to ingest data from a wide variety of sources, including popular DevOps tools, Amazon Web Services and Kubernetes events, PagerDuty events, configuration files, and more.

In conjunction with the launch, the CtrlStack platform is now available to beta customers, with registrations available on the website.

Image: Pixabay

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