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Anonymous video game developer The Snitch you stop riddles and you stop gossiping. The well-known shooter has revealed a number of secret references for various games, which include everything from a reminder of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion to the upcoming adaptation of Monster Hunter Rise on PS5 and PS4. His record was unblemished, although as his reputation grew, his clues became more and more obscure – sometimes, annoyingly so. But now, his five minutes of internet fame is over!

In an interview with Insider Gaming, he said that “it’s not fun to leak new announcements anymore”, and that he will dedicate his time to his Discord server. There has been speculation that The Snitch has access to the backend of a platform like YouTube, so he could see secret videos being uploaded by major publishers. “It’s a fun theory,” he said in response to the idea.

The Snitch says his leaks have never been malicious, and he’s only ever targeted major publishers: “I’m well aware of the damage even the smallest leak can do to the work of people who have spent months or years in the game. . In fact, we can say that I am dedicated to providing clues for users to guess, rather than directly rewarding. It will sound loud and demanding, but I’m sure I’ve helped other events become more visible.”

Of course, video game snitches never really go away, and there’s no doubt that someone will eventually emerge to fill The Snitch’s place. However, for now, hidden clues and riddles have been put on ice.

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