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COLLETON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) – Alex Murdaugh’s defense team is asking the court to throw out mountains of evidence related to the former attorney accused of financial crimes, new court documents show.

In response to the defense’s request for a “bill of documents”, the state filed a 23-page court document to explain its theory of intent and moved to submit millions of pages of documents related to the financial crimes Murdaugh is facing as evidence. .

Prosecutors say the murders of Maggie and Paul Murdaugh were motivated by his desire to disrupt a financial scandal that was coming to light.

In a new document on Monday, the defense group called the target “absurd and impossible” and said the country had no evidence to show a clear link between the crimes.

“[It] is nothing more than a blatant attempt to convince the jury that Murdaugh is a man of depraved character capable of committing the worst crimes imaginable,” the document reads.

They say that the inclusion of these documents will affect the wrong and possibly confuse the court of law, and therefore it is not allowed.

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He also asked for the evidence related to Mr. Murdaugh’s plan to fail to kill himself to be thrown out, saying that the Attorney General’s office is now opposing it.

The document says in the government’s guidelines that this incident was a way to sympathize as a murderer and he never intended to die.

But the government has already charged him with insurance fraud, when he would have to die for the money to be distributed to his surviving son, Buster.

The court document also includes an excerpt from the recent trial of Russell Laffitte, the former CEO of Palmetto State Bank and an alleged Murdaugh associate.

In it, Charles Laffitte, Russell’s brother, testified on the stand that he was working with Maggie Murdaugh to help her get a $750 loan on the family’s Edisto beach home at the time of her death.

The defense says this shows Maggie wasn’t threatening to expose Murdaugh’s money and says rumors of her consulting a divorce attorney and accountant are false.

Murdaugh’s lawyers also note that he did not have life insurance on any of the victims.

Murdaugh currently faces 99 charges related to financial crimes, including most recently tax evasion and breach of trust, computer crimes, money laundering and forgery.

His murder trial is scheduled to begin in five weeks, on Monday, January 23.

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