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Argentina’s historic victory against France at the 2022 FIFA World Cup after a nail-biting match was not without merit. Although most of us are still celebrating Messi’s victory in the final minutes of the penalty shootout, some have turned to social media to criticize Bisht, the Qatari outfit, which he wore when he lifted the world cup.

After their victory, the Argentine captain was dressed in a ceremonial Bisht made of gold and bona-through, often worn by dignitaries at weddings and official events, by the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani. While some hailed the dress as a sign of respect, others complained that it obscured Messi’s national shirt a bit and prevented a “magical moment.”

“Great shots from the top and great shots from the ground when Argentina won the World Cup for the third time and the first time since 1986. This is an amazing moment, it’s a shame how they covered Messi in his Argentina shirt,” Gary Lineker told the BBC when he spoke. and Pablo Zabaleta, former Argentine footballer.

“Just why? There’s no reason to do that,” the former Manchester City defender replied.

Messi later removed Bisht and cheered him on in a team shirt, but the discussion about the outfit continued on Twitter.

Taking to the micro-blogging site, sports reporter Laurie Whitwell wrote, “Qatar obviously wanted to be in the World Cup trophy pictures, that’s why they put Messi in this black Bisht. Shirts. It should be time for the players, not the manager. I’m too indulgent.”

“They’ve been waiting to lift the trophy for a long time and they’re doing everything they can to destroy it. Why are they covering Messi’s shirt with that? It’s ridiculous. I’m glad he’s given it up now,” said James Pearce, Liverpool FC reporter.

Top football news reporter, Matt Slater also wrote down his stance on this action. He said, “If I get a moment, I will look at the old photos of the previous World Cup celebrations to see if Blatter or Havelange wanted to destroy this image. The national dress. That was strange. His Argentina shirt was fine.”

On the other hand, many fans spoke out against this criticism and urged the commenters to stop their “bad comments.”

“Gary Linekar couldn’t hold back in his speech about the dress given to Messi out of respect and respect,” said one Twitter user.

Another fan also pointed out that the dress is an honor and a sign of respect in Qatari society. They wrote, “Gary Lineker is missing a lot in this World Cup. The World Cup is in Qatar, an Arab-Gulf country. As a sign of respect and nobility, the royal Bisht is placed here for Messi. to respect Argentina and its captain. As Mourinho said: “Respect !”

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