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Brad Podray is angry with the internet.

Better known by the moniker Scumbag Dad, Podray is a comedian who has channeled his seemingly limitless creativity into almost all forms of media. He has done short form videos, long form videos, music, cooking shows and even dentists.

The videos Podray gets his pseudonym from, in his Scumbag Dad series, offer a first-person view of a kid with the world’s worst dad. Under the guise of family days, Scumbag Dad, played by Podray, has his child as part of drug deals, human trafficking and murder.

The videos are great, funny pieces. But his hard work on Scumbag Dad didn’t pay off. Obviously, social networks like it TikTokYouTube and Instagram don’t help creative people, they favor lazy work.

Breaking trends

“I see people with little or no creative skills, and they are willing to lie and get big platforms for their dishonest content,” Podray said.

Podray’s ranking is due to the lack of work some creators put into copycat content which is the reason it drives views and potential profit. He knows he shouldn’t look the gift horse in the mouth, committing to the same type of content that doesn’t make sense.

Seeing how little work people put into responsive videos — videos where people upload themselves reacting to someone else’s content — Podray has started experimenting with his own responsive videos.

“I’m too stupid to do that,” Podray said.

To explain, Podray’s attempt to respond to the vid is to mock the metaphysics of the premise. He will film himself reacting to the video. But it’s not a video; it happens live around him and is captured by a second camera. Then the “first” video will catch up and Podray and another creator will have a fight. Everything is captured by a third camera.

Sound confusing? It makes more sense in the movement and speaks to Podray’s tireless approach to creation.

Even if he criticizes someone else’s lazy content, anything with less than three cameras, a metanarrative, and sudden inexplicable violence won’t do.

But this is only the beginning of Podray’s world of satire.

Another video style he likes to emulate is ‘Rich Vs. A really rich series. In these videos, a rich man is often found insulting a customer service person, only for the rich man to lift him up with his kindness.

“Every time someone makes a trend or a series like this, what they are doing is creating their own world where, for example, every day a rich person you know is insulted by a real rich person because they don’t understand. grace,” said Podray.

“I tried to explore, like, what other aspects of this practice are like this world,” he adds.

While the original creators of this series keep their scripts, Podray deviates. In the latest versions of his Rich Vs. In the Really Rich skits, he begins to have his Rich character question the reality of existence.

“Have we done this before?” We are in Rich Vs. It’s really Rich’s portrayal,” Podray asked in one video.

Going through Podray’s feed, there are probably many examples of him taking different internet trends and finding ways to reinvent them.

Are any of the original creators upset with him for doing so?

“We have been in touch with him for now. I’ll leave it at that,” said Podray when I asked him about Nicholas Crown, the original creator of Rich Vs. A Really Rich Series.

Fighting Internet fraud

Most frustrating for Podray are trends that turn acts of kindness into sales pitches, or lies to viewers to sell a product.

“The majority of people online are young and attractive,” he says. “I’m really annoyed with all the saccharine content that’s being put out on YouTube. I hate the idea that behavior should be rewarded.”

Podray identifies videos where creators ask strangers for money and then reward these strangers with huge amounts of money.

“At the highest level, it’s a good story because they were generous and they were rewarded. But they forget that that is different in that case. In a way it’s a terrible shame.”

To satirize these types of videos, Podray did what amounts to his signature dark twist. In another, the donor is not rewarded with money but with a used needle. In one, Podray poses as a homeless man who is found to be used in other people’s TikTok videos for clout.

Podray demonstrated how easy it is to create deceptive content through an experiment he conducted at Drake University. Playing with donation videos of people walking up to strangers and offering them money or the option to double the amount and give it to the next person, he had students participate in a fictional version of the video.

He told the students that despite the fact that the video was almost played, it will cost more money. He was right. The video has received more than 3 million views on TikTok.

The real dad behind Scumbag Dad

Using his humor to buck trends is not where Podray was expected to be in life. By almost any measure, he is not unusual the influence of the internet.

In his forties, Podray lives in Iowa with his wife Hannah and a young child and works full-time as a dentist. His comedy career began when he formed the pirate rap group Captain Dan & the Scurvy Crew with his best friend from dental school.

After several years of growing success with the band, the band moved on to America’s Got Talent. It was seeing how programmed and deceptive reality TV was that Podray began to question the industry. A difficult attempt to enter Masterchef followed and now Podray was committed to his comedy and music career.

He has released about 40 albums and his videos have gained millions of hits. And while he’s gaining more and more fans with his parodies, that’s not where his heart really lies.

The real essence of what Podray is talking about is his own Scumbad Dad series. For years, he worked on the long story of Scumbag Dad as his actions slowly eroded his innocent child.

But before he could complete the narrative arc he planned for the Scumbag Dad character, his content began to be banned from forums and his channels were demonetized.

“I was creating a message for myself and I couldn’t get it done,” cried Podray. “I started getting banned all the time. So I had to participate in this series.”

Any use of blood or violence may cause the video to be taken down. Drug references should have ignored his content being removed. Podray realized that the platforms that had raised his fame were no longer willing to accept his dark genius.

Using multiple locations, complex storylines and a large cast of characters, the Scumbag Dad series was Podray’s most involved series. It was also the one he loved the most, relishing the opportunity to film funny plots with his friends.

He’s still creating Scumbag Dad videos, but they’re no longer part of the same long story. It’s Podray’s passion project, but right now doing his version of “easy” content is what’s getting the views. Podray’s personal Scumbag Dad story.

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