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The internet didn’t respond kindly to Matthew Perry’s hit Keanu Reeves. Unfortunately, the Friends the star realized his mistake too late—after his memo had been published. In the book, Perry talked about her career, personal struggles, and past relationships with other big-name stars.

What Perry probably didn’t expect, was the massive backlash from Keanu’s dedicated fans who agreed that the great star can do no wrong. So why did Matthew turn on Keanu, and what happened next?

Matthew Perry’s Memory Eats Tons Of Hollywood Gossip

Matthew Perry reads the papers in New York

In his memoir, many had written it scary, Matthew Perry name-dropped a bunch of celebrities. Keanu was one of them, and it was not a positive vibe at all. But Keanu wasn’t the only one being gossiped about.


Matthew has written about his broken relationship with Julia Roberts, who he says dumped her because she was a big star and played on his insecurities. Although he said he broke Julia’s heart, Matthew also wrote about how he did difficult things with another star – who was married at the time.

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Perry said she was dating Valerie Bertinelli while her husband at the time was in the same room. Although Valerie herself did not clearly state what happened between them, she he did take to TikTok to participate in the trend using the voiceover “hi, it’s me, the problem.”

Bertinelli explained that he had behaved badly in his earlier years, which seemed to corroborate Perry’s story.

He didn’t stop there, however, he pulled Keanu over and over in his memoir for no reason.

What Matthew Perry Said About Keanu Reeves?

Memoir of Matthew Perry, Friends, Lovers, and the Big Scary Thing, came out in 2022 and was highly anticipated. For anyone who was obsessed with him Friends during the height of Perry’s fame (or, those who are now fans) couldn’t wait for the juicy inside information.

What they ended up with was an interesting backstory but also a little unnecessary dig at Keanu Reeves’ success.

Fans would probably agree that Matthew’s career cannot be compared to Keanu’s, as long as Keanu is known for being a great person, while Matthew admits that he hurt a lot of people when he was dealing with personal problems.

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But in his book, Matthew wrote things like, “Why are the original thinkers like River Phoenix and Heath Ledger dead, but Keanu Reeves still walks among us?”

One episode about Chris Farley’s passing noted, “I punched a hole in Jennifer Aniston’s bedroom wall when I found out. Keanu Reeves is walking between us.”

Apparently, Matthew was saying that he thought Keanu not only had talent but something it’s bad it should have happened to him instead of the people who were Matthew’s friends. People, unfortunately, die from drug problems…

Fans were not happy with Matthew’s comments, although they understood that he was hurt by the death of his friends.

Matthew Perry Got No Sympathy From Keanu’s Fans

Keanu Reeves without Jimmy Kimmel Live

On Reddit, people discussed Matthew’s comments and how he must have come out to make these comments. As one commentator noted, “It’s crazy to think how he must have been locked up for the last 15 years or so to not see how bad this was going to go.”

The Redditor apparently wrote, “He hates himself. That’s why he had to push it on Keanu. Because he’s still making excuses.” Perry later said he should have ‘used his name’ and admitted he was badmouthing Keanu.

The actor’s statement elaborated, “I’m actually a big fan of Keanu. I just picked a random name, my mistake. I’m sorry. I should have used my name instead.”

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It didn’t seem random to the fans who dissected the quotes and Matthew’s response to it. Another wrote, “The especially weird part is that he made up Keanu’s insult about River Phoenix’s death and made it seem like he and River were best friends or something when in fact Keanu and River were best friends.”

They elaborated, “It’s one thing to make a comment like that but it must be very difficult to put it next to one of his closest friends. And if Perry really knew Phoenix we would know that he and Keanu were friends.”

Despite all the setbacks, Matthew explained that he is “sure” his memoir will help people, as it delves deep into his experiences with drug abuse and recovery.

He may have had good intentions, but perhaps an editor or someone who read the memoir before its release should have warned Matthew Perry not to put his foot in his mouth for too long.

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