LIV Golf COO Atul Khosla resigns from the start-up league after a year | Jobs Recent

According to a report in the New York Times, LIV Golf has lost its COO, and the man many claimed was the voice of reason for the breakaway track.

Atul Khosla, 43, has resigned as chief operating officer of LIV. The veteran sports business left the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in January to join LIV, and this summer he outlined LIV’s business model and attempted to counter the notion that the league’s “sports laundering” is backed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund.

“Like any other startup, do we incur upfront costs to launch the product? Yes. And it’s no different from the burn rate that Uber or any other startup tech might have to launch a product from the ground with a vision of disrupting space,” Khosla told Golf Digest. “We’re obviously lucky to have an institution that has the patience to go through this methodically and in the right way.”

On a limited schedule in 2022, LIV Golf plans to run 14 events next year, but the circuit faces major challenges, including the need to secure a deal with national television and world ranking points for its events.

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