Levelle, ING2 and Bella Grace Global named Startup Stars of 2023 | Jobs Recent

The pioneering trio will join us in Summit on sport and active nutritionin San Diego to showcase their companies and connect with the industry.

Bella Grace Global

“We are a Social Selling business model, using a new hybrid Influencer and Direct Selling system”the company explained.

Its first product, Bella Grace Collagen Elixircombines Verisol Collagen Peptides, AstaReal Astaxanthin and Cat’s Claw.

“The focus on sports is twofold: with our influencers, we focus on gamers and esports, as well as weekend warriors looking to improve performance and recover faster” they explained.

In addition to Verisol’s published bone and joint benefits, AstaReal Astaxanthin is backed by clinical research, with multiple athletic applications. There is also significant esports and gaming data, with reported benefits for vision, mental performance/decision making, computer vision syndrome applications.

“Cat’s claw remains the most potent botanical inhibitor of NF-kB, the master switch of the gene responsible for inflammation. Together with astaxanthin, this combination reduces the expression of genes that drive inflammation through oxidative stress while activating genes involved in repair and regeneration.” the company reported.

“An excellent, shareable matrix health product that supports a variety of sporting activities, including aerobic, anaerobic and esports, with an aggressive, innovative business model brings this groundbreaking innovation together.”


Founded in 2018 by Shawn Wells, Ralf Jaeger, Martin Purpura and Kylin Liao, Ingenious Ingredients (ING2) is an innovative company developing groundbreaking new bioactive ingredients for the dietary supplement, food and beverage industries.

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