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I moved to New Orleans at a young age, attracted by the endless fun and the raucous atmosphere. However, as I get older, I am finding my values ​​and principles changing. For example, the prospect of having a family and raising children is imminent.

I have lived in the city for almost six years. In those six years, I had two home burglaries and two car burglaries. I’ve had my house graffiti’d, a motorcycle crashed into my house and I’ve been aggressively (sometimes physically) attacked by countless homeless people and vagrants. I have also witnessed the murder of children in front of my porch.

I can’t raise children or protect my partner in a city full of crime. I moved out of New Orleans in November, after I found someone walking through my fenced yard and someone defecating on my back porch. I would like to say that I lived across the street from the police station that had been robbed by many policemen.

Mayor LaToya Cantrell tells us the police are showing good numbers. I agree! If I’m surrounded by security guards every now and then in some luxury apartment in the city, I think there won’t be any issues, either. However, I am the only agent left to protect myself.

Is Cantrell tired of fighting? And me. I left him.

The spirit of New Orleans will return, but not under his command. At this time, I am hiding outside the city, hoping to return when the storm passes.


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