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About the brand

Offering contemporary chic and sophisticated styles, India Circus by Krsnaa Mehta is a Godrej company offering affordable home furnishings and personal accessories. He takes inspiration from things as diverse as Mughal royalty or even a roadside tea stall. The brand has a diverse and distinct range to represent India with its tones and designs. While the language is bold and colorful, India Circus strives to curate the essence of life in India in a modern way. From lamps to bags, it offers a range of products to choose from.

Indian Circus aims to curate the essence of life in India in a modern way

About the founder

Krsnaa Mehta started his journey as an entrepreneur when he founded India Circus, a Godrej company, in 2012. His idea was to bring Indian pop art into home decor products. During his entrepreneurial career, Mehta has been associated with various brands such as Good Earth, The Elephant Company, Bombay Store, Celia and many other well-known lifestyle brands in India. His work has also been featured in various Indian and international lifestyle publications.

It offers affordable home furnishings and personal accessories

Design philosophy

Mehta’s design philosophy is to bring Indian contemporary design to the world. His nearly two decades of experience in the home furnishing space and close collaboration with the industry made India Circus a flawless project to execute.

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