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SRINAGAR: Kashmir Angel Network (KAN) discussed the startup ecosystem with various stakeholders on prevailing issues in the industry and opportunities in various sectors. The discussion, the second in the KANversations series, was held at KAN’s headquarters in Srinagar.

Kashmir Angel Network discusses stakes in start-ups

The main objective was to discuss the expectations of start-ups and other stakeholders towards the angel network. During the conversation, participants representing various startups, corporate lawyers, scientists and journalists discussed a wide range of challenges facing the startup ecosystem.

During the discussion, Shabir Handoo, President of KAN, touched on a number of different issues, including the organizational structure of companies at J&K. He stated that “enterprises can be scaled to the national and global level with the right type of intervention, both financial and legal.”

He added: “Kashmir Angel Network has also started to assist already existing businesses with the countless legal and regulatory formalities necessary for business development and expansion.”

The stakeholders present at the meeting also discussed the need for mentoring in the creation of viable prototypes in new enterprises and ways to bring the Angel Network idea to people looking for investment opportunities.

The discussion also focused on various other characteristics of angel networks and the need to provide incubation spaces for early-stage start-ups that provide solutions beyond plug-and-play facilities.

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