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Henry Cavill’s internet reception has been overwhelming.

Cavill has had an interesting few weeks, to say the least. After he was reportedly fired from the role of Superman in the DC Extended Universe, he returned to the red cape in the post-credits scene. Black Adam. He triumphantly announced that he had resumed the role. At the same time, it was announced that Cavill would not be returning for the fourth season A witch. It was then announced that he had been retired as Superman again. Now, you are working on a Warhammer the show.

Cavill’s career has been something of a roller coaster. He is often seen as a star waiting for the right car to arrive, Charlie Brown chasing the ever-present ball just it is not accessible. By his own account, he was “very close” to landing the role of James Bond in 2006. According to director Bryan Singer, Cavill was considered to play Superman seven years earlier. The Man of Steelending the list of costumers Superman Returns.

The response to Cavill’s tumultuous few weeks has been surprisingly positive. GameRant stated that “Henry Cavill deserves better than Netflix.” A witch.” The Hashtag Show asked DC, “Why are you trashing Henry Cavill?” The Independent argued that the studio “doesn’t deserve it.” insisted that the decision not to give Henry Cavill another chance to play Superman was “a mistake.” There was a recurring feeling in the coverage that Cavill had been treated unfairly.

Why is the internet clinging to Cavill as an actor who deserves more than he’s been given? To be honest, it is certainly better to be kind to strangers than to be mean to them. Anyone who has lost a job probably deserves some sympathy, especially a job they loved. However, the internet’s reaction to such issues is not always internally consistent. After all, Cavill isn’t the only person who’s lost his job in this chaotic transition.

how did Henry Cavill become the internet's most popular movie star Man of Steel Superman The Witcher Geralt Mission Impossible August Walker Sherlock Holmes Warhammer

For example, there seems to be very little sympathy extended to Patty Jenkins after her departure in the third. Wonder Woman movie, which is apparently part of the same remake. Part of this may be the rumors that he he chose departure, which Jenkins himself denies. However, a very similar situation appears. Jenkins seems to be as enthusiastic about Wonder Woman as Cavill is about Superman.

Indeed, Jenkins’ career was very similar to Cavill’s. Like Cavill, he spent years waiting to be given creative opportunities. He exploded with direction A monster in 2003, the film won Charlize Theron the Best Actress Oscar. It would be 14 years before Jenkins directed his next film, Wonder Woman. At that time, he was hired to direct Thor: The Dark Worldbut he broke up with Marvel when they refused to let him make the movie he wanted to make.

Like Cavill, Jenkins’ career shifts aren’t just related to the DC universe. In December 2020, it was announced that Jenkins would direct Rogue Squadronwhich will be the next theater star Wars the movie. The project was delayed and Jenkins, at least temporarily, left it to move forward into production Wonder Woman 3. Jenkins’ recent comments are suggestive Rogue Squadron It’s “in active development,” but there’s still confirmation from Disney and the star Wars The film franchise has been volatile, to say the least. The narrative is similar to that of Henry Cavill. Jenkins was a talent caught between two intellectual interests.

Internet empathy is a dynamic phenomenon, encompassing indicators that are often subtle and difficult to define. It’s sad that Cavill lost a role that clearly meant a lot to him. However, it is difficult to quantify that as it is more painful than the director Zack Snyder who was forced out of the production The Justice League because he “lost the will to fight” the studio’s interference in the film following the suicide of his daughter, Autumn. However, Snyder has never had the sympathy that Cavill has.

how did Henry Cavill become the internet's most popular movie star Man of Steel Superman The Witcher Geralt Mission Impossible August Walker Sherlock Holmes Warhammer

Perhaps there is a funny reading in all of this. It may sound like internet fans have adopted the habits of collectors, and live actors are treated like expensive figurines. Neither of those matters Amazing Spider-Man movies that were ignored or hated; fans loved that Spider-Man: No Way Home brought back Andrew Garfield. It is a strange kind of nostalgia, where the actor is separated not only from the surrounding film, but the content of his work, to make them valuable.

It’s not like Cavill is bona fides a movie star who has consistently proven his worth to audiences. It seems fair to admit that Cavill’s work in similar projects The Man of Steel, Batman v Supermanagain The Justice League there was a split. There is a strong argument to be made about the way those movies used Superman, but – like every actor to give the S shield after Christopher Reeve – Cavill’s interpretation of the character was not always celebrated.

Cavill’s career outside the franchise has been similarly disjointed. Perhaps the actor’s most acclaimed performance was as secret agent Napoleon Solo in Guy Ritchie’s adaptation of MALUME’s man. Even then, critics seem to be offering conflicting recommendations. In The New York Times, Manohla Dargis praised Cavill as “stubborn in appearance.” At Den of Geek, Don Kaye noted that Cavill brought “a rare charm and a nonchalance that help make up for his essential aloofness.”

MALUME’s man was considered another potential franchise for Cavill, with early plans for a sequel. However, the film did not perform well at the box office, and there was no indication that the audience was very interested. The film received a “B” CinemaScore, the same grade as this one Batman v Superman. Although the film has been reviewed and analyzed as an underrated gem, it was met with indifferent reviews at the time.

how did Henry Cavill become the internet's favorite movie star Man of Steel Superman The Witcher Geralt Mission Impossible August Walker Sherlock Holmes Warhammer Man from UNCLE

Cavill’s only other significant film role was as August Walker in the Objective: Impossible – Fall. It falls it was released in July 2018, after a few months The Justice League, which seemed likely to mark the end of that phase of the DC cinematic universe. The time seemed right to change the narrative, as critics like Darren Franich designated the film “Henry Cavill’s redemption.” There’s no denying that the movie uses Cavill effectively, especially in set pieces like the bathroom brawls and the helicopter chase.

However, It falls didn’t exactly mark Cavill’s new departure. The film didn’t work because it portrayed the character differently. It worked because it was a film in conversation with Cavill’s previous roles. Like Top shot: Maverickthe tension between the It falls based on pitting Tom Cruise against a younger type of movie star. In particular, the conflict in It falls it was between Cruise’s old-school derring-do hero Ethan Hunt and Cavill’s sleazy and powerful modern-day hero August Walker.

Maybe this reexamination of Henry Cavill has nothing to do with anything on screen. Maybe it’s based on the character’s off-screen persona. After all, in the age of social media and podcasts, players are more accessible than ever. This is something of a double-edged sword, as Cavill’s DC co-star Gal Gadot also got her ill-advised celebrity cover version of “Imagine.” Then again, it’s not like Cavill has completely avoided his embarrassing interview moments.

Still, there’s something to be said for Cavill’s off-screen persona. “Authenticity” is a difficult metric to measure, but it’s important in the age of celebrity social media. Audiences don’t just want access; they want to be honest. A well-thought-out and well-chosen social media presence can alienate your target audience. Indeed, this is perhaps the problem facing Cavill’s friend Dwayne Johnson, whose personality feels more engineered than organic.

It’s hard to quantify, but Cavill seems like a genuinely nice guy. In particular, one gets the sense that his open embrace and eagerness for his madness has gone a long way in endearing him to online fans who share those interests. Cavill builds his own gaming PCs, talks passionately about how he prefers to play outside, shares photos of the tabletop models he paints, and happily poses for pictures with Games Workshop UK staff.

There is something very attractive about this. Henry Cavill is “one of us;” it just so happens that he again it looks like he was carved from marble. In a popular culture that has not embraced madness, Cavill is an iconic figure. It helps that none of this person feels boxed in or forced. Cavill isn’t looking for fans for a specific purpose, but he’s simply sharing his interests the way any other person with those same interests would. That resonates with internet fans.

In case there’s any ambiguity here: It’s good that the Internet has extended its sympathy and empathy to Henry Cavill as a man who has been foiled by the machinations of unscrupulous media conglomerates, despite the misgivings the Internet may have about it. the quality of his work. It’s just interesting to note that this empathy extends to some people and not others, and that the determining factors can often feel irrational.

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