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Noting that the tragedies in Bihar are a crime and have nothing to do with “prohibition”, chief minister Nitish Kumar on Monday assured that the matter would be resolved.

Strongly defending the ban by the state government, Nitish said deaths due to horrific accidents, which occur even in states where there is no ban, should not be counted against the Bihar government’s policy.

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“The murders that are happening in the states without prohibition is a big crime. We have been very successful in banning it. Family happiness has returned because of it and people are happy to use the money saved on alcohol for food and a better lifestyle,” said the chief minister while talking to reporters in his assembly room.

However, he said, no one can say that ‘prohibition’ can be 100%, as there are always things that are not good in making money and people’s lifestyles and committing criminal acts.

“Such events come as a deterrent, but they cannot change the commitment to social justice in society. Every effort would be made to arrest the traders and smugglers, who try to make money quickly at the expense of people’s suffering,” he added.

The chief minister also criticized the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for opposing the prohibition law. He said that the opposition who are protesting today have also been banned. “Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi thanked him when he came to Patna,” he added.

The BJP, the leading opposition party, has been targeting the Bihar government over the death and its prohibition policy. The party called the tragedy as a result of the total failure of prohibition in the government.

Talking about the ban that has played a major role in the economy of Bihar and helping families to increase their consumption and improve their standard of living, the chief minister said, “after the loss. 1,200 crore in the first year of prohibition, it was overpaid in subsequent years due to the growth in spending on household goods, education and food, which earlier went to alcohol. Besides, the return of family happiness is very important.”

He said that the financial loss is estimated at the time 5,000 crore, which may have reached 20,000 crore now, but no one is seeing how the income of other sectors has increased.

According to a study conducted by Chanakya National Law University (Panchayati Raj Chair) and Anugrah Narayan Sinha Institute of Social Studies, Patna, which was approved by the department of prohibition, sale and registration, govt. of Bihar in 2021 found that over 80% of people are in favor of the ban and want it to continue, while 13.8% are against it.

The survey was also approved by the previous National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government.

The government has also been hurt by the number of deaths that are being investigated. While the opposition claims that the death toll in Bihar has crossed 100, the Minister for Prohibition, Excise and Registration, Sunil Kumar, along with another principal secretary KK Pathak told the media on Monday that the death toll is still at 38 and the figures are being reported. the opponents were “misleading.”

When asked by the media about the claims of the family that they cremated the bodies under pressure without a body, Sunil said that any case that would come out would be investigated and if found to be true, the tax would be revised.

“There is nothing to hide in this digital age where social media is everywhere. We are waiting for the post-motem reports. Reports from Prohibition & Excise officials as well as police would also be prepared for action against the culprits. It is difficult, but it does not mean that the ban is wrong,” he added.

Sunil said, so far 25 arrests have been made and two FIRs have been lodged against 13 named and several unnamed persons involved in the illegal sale of liquor in the district.

“The special investigation team (SIT) is on a mission to catch the sellers of deadly liquor wherever they are. We have made more than 7,000 arrests of those involved in selling liquor in Bihar from other countries,” he added.

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