Henry Cavill’s Superman Walk Has The Internet On Fire | Jobs Recent

The Snyderverse isn’t known for a deep list of great movies, but there are some bright spots among them, and Henry Cavill was one of them. Although his dark portrayal of the character was divisive, he was loved by fans.

His dismissal from Superman brought many negative takes, including @valleymike07’s: “I couldn’t be more upset. With one move you personally destroyed all the passion and enthusiasm I had for the DC movies.” @1kingo93 he agreed with the idea, and said, “This legalism makes no sense.” @LOGAN_BURNS_ let James Gunn know what it was like when he read the stories: “Easily the most accurate kick in the balls that I think anyone has done with all of Superman’s powers in all of DC history.”

Of course, Twitter isn’t the only place where fans are reacting to the news – many have also taken to Reddit to address the issue of their favorite Superman character not returning. Redditor u/hb2256 took a different tack and reflected on how Cavill himself must be feeling: “Wow, that’s just gross. I hope he gets a break soon. Someone send him some Warhammer figures to paint.”

In the end, iu/sarigami wasn’t as positive, expressing little interest in the following: “I’m interested to see where James Gunn takes the DCU but definitely [sic] he liked seeing more of Henry as Superman. It’s sad that we don’t see him as Geralt anymore. I hope he finds another important role in the near future.” This brings up a good point. With all the news about Gunn’s departure, it raises many questions about where he is headed.

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