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Beauty standards can easily be defined as ‘never enough’. Are you overweight, too skinny, too dark, too pale and the list goes on. These unrealistic expectations often have a negative impact on the mental and physical health of individuals who struggle to be accepted for who they are. While prejudice still remains, Godrej Professional, the leading professional hair color brand, is trying to make a difference with this campaign, weaving beauty with a message of acceptance, inclusion and self-expression. The initiative tries to achieve this with hair dyes. #Coloursareforall because the hair color you wear doesn’t see gender, race, size or skin.

To spread the message, Godrej Professional has brought together people who have fought societal stereotypes for their individuality. This included leading ladies from the Indian film industry such as actresses Huma Kuresi, Tara Sutaria, Malavika Mohananand Amala Paul. Advocates of inclusivity, such as Nitasha Biswastransgender model and TedX speaker, model Archana Akil Kumaran influencer Aayushi Badheka – an advocate of fashion and a medium-sized model Zander Lama. All were criticized for their body size, skin color, sexual orientation and regional heritage.

They comment on the campaign, Neeraj Senguttuvan, Category Head – Hair Care, Godrej Consumer Products Ltd (GCPL), said: ‘Fashion and beauty are proud and unapologetic reflections of individual identities. It has often been a misconception that hair color and bold styles are only for a certain segment of people. But the truth is far from that. As a brand, we have always believed that our products can be used by just about anyone and that is what makes Godrej Professional the leading name in the hair color segment. We want to be synonymous with inclusivity and confidence, the campaign and the ‘Dimension-Ombreyage Collection’ are a step in that direction. This new campaign will encourage us to look at the blurred boundaries of beauty and create acceptance for all.”

As part of the campaign, Godrej Professional tried to symbolize inclusivity and self-expression with its latest collection ‘Dimension Ombreyage’. Co-created by renowned national hair stylists such as Heena Dalvi, Ryan D’Rozario, Sylvia Chen and Najeeb Rehman, the four color hair looks span a multitude of tones and styles to create statement looks for every mood, every style and every identity. It celebrates and showcases every dimension and style that makes someone look and feel beautiful, inside and out, because hair color doesn’t discriminate between gender, race, size or skin tone. The four new looks were donned by inclusivity advocates, as well as Huma Qureshi, Tara Sutaria, Malavika Mohanan and Amala Paul.

Share your views, actress Huma Qureshi said: “Everyone deserves and has every right to feel beautiful, the way they are. The ‘Dimension’ campaign praises and celebrates each person’s individuality and style. Every person has the right to look and feel beautiful. I am thrilled to be working with Godrej Professional and this collaboration is close to my heart because I really agree with the idea of ​​the campaign to be beautiful, proud and unapologetically unique.”

added actress Tara Sutaria, “Being an actress is not always easy, especially with the constant judgment and comments about our appearance and even personality. I faced this too! The new Godrej Professional campaign is close to my heart because of their ode to accepting and celebrating all.”

Godrej professional is India’s first professional hair line, developed in collaboration with the Indian hairdressing industry, tested and certified by salon professionals and scientists. The color palette consists of 28 stunning hair color shades, all specially created for Indian hair.

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