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When customers approach Godrej Material Handling (GMH), they are not just looking for high-quality forklifts. They also expect a seamless and personalized sales and service experience. As always, GMH delivers.

Poorav Sheth, Chief Digital Officer, G&B, discusses how a holistic view of the customer and streamlined processes are helping Godrej Material Handling better anticipate customer needs and deliver exceptional experiences.

Engineering Progress of India

We have many first successes. We patented the world’s first springless lock, built the first fire- and burglar-proof home safe, and even invented pure vegetarian soap. Today, we have 14 different business units, from aerospace and construction to devices and internal logistics. For 125 years, we have pioneered progress and touched the lives of millions of Indians. We will remain customer focused for the next 125 years. We don’t just want to offer great products; we also want to provide great solutions and experiences that keep customers coming back for more.

This customer-centric commitment guides everything we do. Even our digital transformation journey towards smarter manufacturing, hyper-connected supply chains and next-generation workplaces is geared towards delivering better user experiences. It is from this same customer focus that our ‘One CRM’ vision was born.

Launching CRM with a fresh approach

At the beginning, our 14 business units used different CRM systems. So our view of the customer was fragmented. Additionally, our CRM processes were not standardized to ensure a consistent customer experience. This prompted us to introduce a single CRM program and platform in all business units. We chose Salesforce as our only CRM because it would help us connect the entire customer journey—from marketing to sales to service—on one platform. Additionally, Salesforce’s out-of-the-box features, scalability, and flexibility make it a great long-term choice.

Salesforce is currently being rolled out to G&B. Among the first business units to start working with the platform was GMH, which exports to 40 countries and serves more than 1,000 customers every day.

We see two trends in the material handling sector and the larger logistics sector. First, customers buy experiences, not products – so how can we deliver the experiences they want? Second, customers are embracing digital as a way of life – so how can we engage with them better, digitally? Salesforce helps us find those answers.

Creating exceptional sales experiences with a single view of customers

With Salesforce Sales Cloud, we can act on leads faster, understand customer needs better, and provide more meaningful solutions. Leads generated through various online and offline marketing platforms are captured in a single source of truth. Here they can be categorized, qualified and tracked to completion. Users also gain insight into market return on investment.

The mobile application acts as a portable sales office. So sales reps can log calls, check tasks, and respond to hot leads from anywhere. A unified view of customers helps them proactively anticipate and meet customer needs. For example, they can see how many SKUs a customer ordered based on last month’s offer. So, the next time a quote is made, they can keep those SKUs ready with the seller to ship to the customer the moment their order is received.

Our sales reps are faster and more agile, with all the data they need at their fingertips to respond faster to customer needs and gain more thought. Thanks to real-time integration between GMH’s third-party call center and Salesforce, teams can respond to leads in less than two hours. What’s more, order opportunity conversions increased by 10%.

Improving service through deeper customer knowledge

We also use Salesforce Service Cloud to resolve equipment service requests faster and smarter. These requests coming through different channels like call centers and stores are captured in one system for better visibility. With uniform data and automated service processes, our first response time improved by almost 8%.

Channel partners also have a complete overview of customer orders and service history, helping them provide fast and connected service. They can dig into the data to understand why certain problems keep recurring – whether due to equipment failure, lack of training of field technicians, or even a lack of customer training.

Now, when we propose a training program to a client, it is backed by facts. Customers can see how the training will reduce their service problems and increase productivity – so they trust us more.

Driving smarter decisions with real-time intelligence

By democratizing information, GMH has made sales and service insights available at the touch of a button. From the management team on down, everyone can directly access the reports they need and drill down into any information. Our teams love this transition to self-service. With powerful analytics, we know exactly where we can improve team productivity or close knowledge gaps.

The management team also has a unified view of customers to make better informed decisions. So if a customer only ordered five SKUs out of 10, the management team can figure out why. Was this due to a price or availability issue with the remaining five SKUs? If so, how can it be fixed? Easy access to such insights is just one of the reasons why Salesforce adoption rates are as high as 98%.

Adopting a new tool can be challenging, but our learning curve was short thanks to Salesforce’s intuitive user interface and Trailhead’s learning platform. All our teams – from our sales partners and technicians, all the way to senior management – ​​are now working smarter and faster.

Carrying on the legacy of trust

Supporting the Salesforce deployment was the Salesforce Professional Services team. The Salesforce team’s exceptional product knowledge helped us ensure a smooth and fast implementation. We now use the Salesforce Success Framework and KPIs to drive efficiency.

Going forward, we plan to adopt advanced AI/ML analytics to help us predict conversions and determine which markets to target next. Meanwhile, our parent company – G&B – is working to put all 14 business units on the same platform as part of its ‘One CRM’ vision.

We’re constantly innovating to deliver solutions and experiences that make a difference for the next generation of customers, partners, merchants and employees, and Salesforce is an integral part of that effort.

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