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No matter who you lose, losing someone is always hard. Time. So, it’s no surprise after this latest clip of a girl’s ‘shraadh’ vlog of her father has left the internet ablaze. The clip, originally shared on YouTube, is now circulating on multiple social media platforms. It was also posted by a Twitter user with captions saying how traumatized they were after watching the video.

The girl identified as Rowhi Rai continued to inform her fans that her family does this ritual every year. He also mentioned that he can eat salty and oily food once that day but eat sweet food. Her breakfast consisted of oatmeal filled with dry fruits, “methi paratha” with “aloo ki sabzi” for lunch, and she even ordered pink lemonade. Check out the clip here:

Shooting a vlog on a day meant to honor ancestors and deceased parents seemed insensitive enough to social media users. They were angry that the girl not only measured the food she was eating but cried about it. One Twitter user wrote, “I had my hand over my mouth the WHOLE time.”

“I’m asking someone to tell these girls that not everything is satisfactory. And no, this is also not acceptable to have the courage to talk about it. Are children viewing this content as real? What on earth!” read the tweet.

One Twitter user tweeted, “Guess he finally deleted this from his Instagram… But he’s a big influencer.”

In another uproar over ‘insensitive content,’ an Instagram influencer has come under fire for blackening her skin and working as a street vendor on Instagram. The promoter also shared a reel where she can be seen wearing makeup to darken her skin, wearing a saree, and handing roses to people on the street.

Many social media users have commented that a person’s personality is not an art of beauty, and he should not take advantage of people’s economic status to get ideas.

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