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BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. (WSVN) – Arya Singh, the mother of a newborn baby found dead in the ocean off Boynton Beach, appeared in court a day after her arrest.

Cameras captured the 29-year-old man as he entered court in handcuffs on Friday afternoon. The judge denied his request.

Baby June, the name detectives made up for the crime, was found in Boynton Beach Inlet four and a half years ago.

“It was devastating for all of us and for the community as well,” said Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Steven Stavelli.

“I promise you, when you see a baby floating in the ocean that someone threw away like trash, it tugs at your heartstrings,” said Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw.

Detectives said Singh threw the baby into the water hours after she gave birth to him at the hotel, on May 30, 2018.

“She had a baby in the bathroom of the hotel. “She didn’t know she was pregnant until she saw the baby come out,” said PBSO detective Brittany Christoffel. “He said that the child fell into the water.”

After she gave birth, Singh told detectives, she kept the baby in a backpack, thinking it was dead, and even kept it in her backpack when she attended class at Florida Atlantic University.

According to the arrest report, the baby was born alive and died of asphyxia or suffocation.

“He said that when the child was born, he did not really know whether the child was alive or dead. When the child entered the hole, he was already dead,” said Christoffel.

Minutes after dumping her newborn, detectives said, Singh searched online. The arrest report says he wrote “What lives in Boynton Inlet” at 9:45 pm and “Why is Boynton Inlet so treacherous?” a minute later.

Detectives said Singh continued to surf the web weeks later, reading or clicking on 64 Baby June news articles.

“He saw the first articles on June 1, at 5 o’clock in the evening, so he knew it. All this time he has never come out publicly,” said Christoffel.

With little information, cold-blooded detectives did everything they could to find Baby June’s family and ultimately her killer.

That’s where the new DNA technology came in.

Julie Sikorsky, PBSO’s manager of science, said they decided to test the technology for the first time, and it paid off.

“It was used to solve the Golden State Killer case, in California, so we wanted to bring this technology here to Palm Beach County,” said Sikorsky. “We went to a site called Family Tree DNA, and we really put together Baby June’s profile.”

The team created a family tree.

“You push back the engineers. You find that brother. You build a tree up to, say, grandfather, great-grandfather, or great-grandfather,” said Sikorsky, “and you look at all the branches of the tree, and you may have to build a few down and find. some are very compatible with the potential parents of Baby June. “

They found a match, Junior’s father did not know about the child or what had happened, but he had a girlfriend at the time.

“We decided to just build this story to the mother without informing her at all,” said Christoffel. “We were able to get search warrants for phone records, GPS data locations. We were lucky enough to get that from four and a half years ago.”

Detectives were able to find a coffee cup that had been used by Singh. They looked at her DNA, they analyzed it, and it matched Baby June.

When they arrested him, the mother confessed to the disturbing crime.

Officials hope this case will be the first of many they will be able to solve using this new DNA technology.

“When I was working as a detective, you were lucky enough to get fingerprints. Then you were lucky that someone could match them,” said Bradshaw, “so it’s a whole new world in terms of technology and science.”

Singh is being held at the Palm Beach County Main Jail.

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