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On Thursday afternoon, Republican Representative Ronny Jackson of Texas accused the Democratic Party Representative. Katie Porter from California for saying “pedophilia is not a crime.”

But Porter didn’t say that. Jackson, like other conservative Twitter personalities, was misinterpreting Porter’s comments.

Jackson has over 500,000 followers on Twitter. Here he is tweeted: “Katie Porter just said that parenting is not a crime, she said ‘recognition.’ THIS IS THE PICTURE OF EVIL! The sad thing is that this woman is not the only VILE person who is pushing for the normalization of pedophilia. This is what progressives believe!”

True First: Jackson’s claims are false. Porter did not say that pedophilia is not a crime. The full video from the Congressional hearing on Wednesday shows that Porter specifically stated that LGBTQ people are being falsely stigmatized on social media as “marriage” or “child abusers” because of their gender identity and sexuality. He did not defend pedophilia itself.

In other words, Porter is being unfairly described as a supporter of pedophilia over the comments he made criticizing the way some people are being treated as having sex with children.

A spokesman for Jackson did not immediately respond to a request for comment Thursday afternoon.

Porter made his comments on Wednesday before the House Oversight and Reform Committee, which focused on violence and hatred against gays, lesbians and Americans. Porter was speaking with Kelley Robinson, president of the Human Rights Campaign, about the group’s report on tweets that the group said “referred to the LGBTQ+ community along with insults such as ‘producer’, ‘destroyer’ and ‘prostitute’.”

Here is a transcript of the relevant part of the exchange, which can be viewed at the 2:49:30 mark of this video.

Porter: I wanted to start with Ms. Robinson, if I could. Your organization recently published a report analyzing the 500 most watched, most influential tweets that identified LGBTQ people as ‘creators.’ The ‘groom’ narrative is an old myth to categorize LGBTQ+ people as a threat to children. And what it does is to prevent them from entering public places, it causes fear, and it can even cause violence. Ms. Robinson, according to their hate speech rules, does Twitter allow posts that call LGBTQ+ people ‘creators’?

Robinson: No. I mean, Twitter, as well as Facebook and many others, have social media. It’s about holding users accountable to those instructions, and acknowledging that when we use terms and words like ‘criminals’ and ‘child molesters’ to describe people – people in our community who are mothers, fathers, teachers, doctors – it’s dangerous. And it has one purpose. That’s to dehumanize us. And make us feel like we’re not part of this American society. And it has real-life consequences. So we are calling on social media companies to improve their social media presence. And we’re calling every American watching this game to hold us and the community members accountable. We will not accept this in our families, we will not accept this in our schools. There is no need to accept it online.

Porter: So – I mean, I think you’re right. And it’s not – this assumption of ‘caretaker’ and ‘child molester,’ is the fact that a person is guilty in some way, and is committing criminal acts, because of his character, his sexuality, his gender. So this is clearly prohibited under Twitter’s rules. But you got hundreds of these articles on the platform.

Nowhere did Porter say that pedophilia is not a crime. And the context of the exchange makes it clear that he was condemning the false accusation of pedophilia based on a person’s identity, not saying that pedophilia itself is an identity.

Misrepresentations of Porter’s speech circulated on Twitter on Thursday with the help of videos that left out important parts of his speech.

Jackson’s tweet used similar language to tweets earlier in the day from other popular accounts. For example, an account called Libs for TikTok, which has more than 1.6 million Twitter followers, he wrote: “Rep Katie Porter (D) says pedophilia is not a crime — a statement.”

But the video posted by the Libs of TikTok to support this claim, which came from another conservative account, did not show the full exchange between Porter and Robinson. In particular, it left out Porter’s original comments – those in which he spoke about tweets “that portrayed LGBTQ people as so-called ‘creators'” and in which he described the accusations of “groom” as “an old lie. To put LGBTQ+ people as a threat to children.” It also left out Robinson’s response, in which Robinson also clarified that he was talking about smears for no reason.

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