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Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) – Damaged fiber lines are causing an AT&T outage in Southwest Louisiana.

Many AT&T customers are reporting cell phone or internet problems today. AT&T cell users see the SOS symbol where the 5G symbol is common.

AT&T says two fiber lines were damaged during severe weather in Lake Charles Wednesday morning, but technicians are working to fix the problem.

KPLC does not have internet in downtown Lake Charles.

AT&T parking lot on W. Prien Lake Rd. it has been temporarily blocked by the authorities and customers are no longer allowed to enter. The manager of this store says that there are many people who came to complain about the interruption of services and the staff of the store could not do anything about it. According to this manager, casinos and banks are also affected because of their outage and that is not just a matter of mobile phone support.

Several law enforcement agencies, including the Calcasieu Sheriff’s Office and the Beauregard Sheriff’s Office, are also experiencing phone problems.

Beauregard issued the following notice:

“Due to the outage of AT&T phone service and the inability to make emergency calls, if you need BPSO, DeRidder Police Department, Fire, or EMS services you can still call 9-1-1 or call the agency at 337-462-2400. you need We have representatives from different organizations on that number to take your call.”

Some AT&T users are seeing an SOS signal when the 5G signal is often between large...
Some AT&T users are seeing an SOS signal where 5G signal is common during a major outage in Southwest Louisiana.(KPLC)

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