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IThis scene is more like a Third World country than a US metropolis: armed guards with AR-15s, patrolling a gas station in Philadelphia to protect customers and ward off criminals who have been terrorizing the area.

By now, Philadelphia’s crime problem is well known. The city has recorded record highs in recent years for murders, carjackings, and other violent crimes. The situation is so bad that one gas station owner was forced to take security measures into his own hands and hired armed privates to protect his customers and his business.


Neil Patel, owner of the KARCO gas station near Temple University in Philadelphia, told local news organizations that crime was rampant in the area, destroying his business. In the past few months, his customers and his gas station have been victimized by several incidents of violence.

Last Easter, there was a shooting at his gas station. A few weeks ago, someone stole an ATM. And if the criminals were not shooting people, they were always robbing his store, destroying cars, or selling drugs in and around his store. The police could not respond quickly enough and did nothing when they arrived. Patel was alone and had to fend for himself.

“Selling their drugs for free. The police here do nothing. Stealing, stealing, destroying my car.” Patel told local news station 6abc.

Faced with no other option, Patel hired a private security firm, Pennsylvania State Agents, to protect his business and customers. As part of the agreement, PSA sends at least two armed agents daily to Patel’s station, usually in the evening, according to reports. The sight of armed guards patrolling the gas station shocked many of his supporters. Yet it is a necessary step in a city where the administration continues to fail to protect its citizens from rampant criminal behavior.

The situation at Patel’s KARCO gas station shows just how rampant crime has become in Philadelphia. While Larry Krasner, the Soros-backed district attorney, continues to let criminals go (despite being indicted), Philadelphia’s government remains unaccountable. It tried all the stupid, left-wing, liberal ways to control crime, all of which failed miserably. It turns out that policing and reporting stop crime – not communities.


Finally, Philadelphia’s Democrats need to take this problem seriously and start taking action. The city went “woke,” and created a monster. Now, innocent people suffer as criminals are succeeding in weakening the city’s criminal justice system. All these hippie, kumbaya, radical left-wing policies do nothing to stop violent crime or protect people. And now, as Patel pointed out, the city is on the brink of collapse.

Left with no other options, Philadelphians know they must rely on themselves to do what the Democrats who run the city have failed to do – protect them.

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