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CHICAGO (WLS) — There is a strong bond for safe working conditions among street vendors in Little Village. More than a dozen vendors gathered Friday near 26th and Albany in hopes of getting more protection on those streets.

The 25th Ward alderman, Byron Sigcho Lopez, said there have been many robberies and assaults on street vendors in the area in the past few months.

“We need in the city of Chicago the same public safety measures that we have in other communities,” Alderman Lopez said.

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Some of those traders explained what they had just dealt with.

Maria Isabel Bonilla Mendez has been robbed twice in the past two months

“They are also affecting us mentally,” he said. “We cannot work like this because there is a lot of insecurity. They come and rob us at gunpoint.”

Alderman Lopez said a street vendor was shot earlier this week and is currently recovering at home from non-life threatening injuries.

That is why all the traders signed the letter they brought to the city council on Friday, as they want better working conditions and police protection.

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“Is someone coming to rob us because they want money? No, it’s not good. We need someone who helps us to have more security in the morning and we are always here,” said Mercedes Alvarez, a street vendor.

Alderman said they plan to continue to follow up with the mayor’s office and the police department over the next several weeks and months. However, till now, they have not received any response from the.

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