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Michael Jordan being worth $2.2 billion means he has an incredible amount of people in his life who want something from him. Getting the one around you if you have this type of wealth is very important. Fortunately for Jordan, his ever-changing friends have already been arrested.

Most of the people that MJ has placed on him are people that he was friends with well before he got to this point in his life. Take for example George Koehler, a man who ostentatiously claimed to be Michael’s ‘slave’ at one point but is actually his close friend and started out as his personal driver.

Another man Jordan has known for decades now is Adolph Shiver. Shiver and the eventual 6x NBA champion met in North Carolina, where they grew up, entering the 7thth grade together. Following their friendship in high school, the two were inseparable.

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Adolph Shiver was convicted of embezzlement.

Shiver became a successful club promoter in North Carolina, with his Club935 becoming a hot spot for musicians to come play or release their new music. However, in 2014, Shiver would have faced different types of government. He would be accused of both embezzlement and tax evasion.

Shiver was allegedly caught on tape admitting to stealing $50,000 in drug money from a well-known man in the drug trafficking community. According to Shiver, he did not know about the history of this man. He was also charged with filing a false tax return.

The man Shiver was dealing with told him that he could keep $5000-6000 of the money he was given but the rest needed to be returned.

Michael Jordan never spoke about this issue

Despite how close the two are, or at times in their lives, Michael Jordan has never spoken about this situation to the public. Unfortunately, as Shiver went down a mysterious path following MJ’s retirement from 2004-06, he would be unable to file his taxes on income close to $150,000.

Regarding the fact that he was convicted of stealing money illegally in November 2013, his lawyer, Mr. Jake Sussman, admitted that this incident happened. He would describe his client as ‘a hard working businessman gone wrong’.

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