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Criminals beware, Over Hulton residents have a secret weapon that will stop you in your tracks.

The simple use of Whatsapp is helping to keep residents in Over Hulton safe from criminals.

The area has about 1,500 houses.

And about 1,100 residents have joined a Whatsapp Group where incidents are reported before the criminals even start.

The Over Hulton Information Outlet is divided into eight different areas and is already used by the police in the area.

It came to a head earlier this week when the suspected singer went around knocking on doors.

But due to the rapid spread of messages through WhatsApp Groups they were quickly ignored.

John Bullen, a member of the Over Hulton Community Group, said the new crime-fighting tool was revolutionary.

He said: “Before we started this maybe three years ago we were getting three or four documents every week.

“Now in the last eight months we have filed two or three cases.

“In the last 12 months crime has halved.”

Give them an example of how this area is fighting crime.

He said: “We had a police operation on Monday where everyone can talk to our police.

“We had a woman who complained about parking on our main road.

“You can say it’s because people don’t like it, but the way I see it, I don’t want to say anything.

“It’s the best crime prevention tool I’ve seen in my 15 years in community service.”

He gave an example from the early days of how the group led to arrests.

He said: “Someone saw on CCTV two young people looking out of car windows at 2am.

“Other people from the same street also saw it.

“Our police, because they are in the group, saw it.

“They got CCTV and identified them.

“They left and we got them off the road.

“On their own, no one would have said it, but car interference is a crime.”

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