A reader has another idea for funding crime prevention | Jobs Recent

Coconino County has received a $21 million grant from the AZ Criminal Justice Commission to study whether crime is like a disease, what causes crime and how crime can be stopped before it happens. Apart from the “disease” part, I hope that experts in this region already have answers to the research questions above. There must be a gazillion studies on the nature of fraud out there.

I think our problem is not lack of knowledge, but lack of money to fulfill what needs to be done.

We know that poverty, drug use, emotional and physical abuse, and lack of education are some of the reasons why people commit crimes. Twenty-one million dollars would have done much better in the hands of Health and Human Services, law enforcement and schools, not in the hands of scientists and pathologists. Often teachers are the first to notice when a child has problems.

To reduce crime we don’t need millions of dollars worth of education, we need money in our communities to invest in vulnerable children. Putting them on the road to success will go a long way in reducing crime.

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