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As India celebrates 75 years of independence, it has shown stellar growth while becoming a strong and self-sufficient nation with immense potential and opportunities. It all started with the Swadeshi movement, a development towards self-reliance during the Indian independence movement that led to the development of Indian nationalism. The idea of ​​self-reliance is something that makes India truly independent. One such organization that has been building its foundations on self-reliance for 125 years is the Godrej Group.

The Godrej Group has been an integral part of our nation’s progress. Long years of independence, Godrejthrough his film, he allows consumers to listen to the heartbeats of progress, #SoundsOfMakingIndia that truly make India. It touches on the organization’s journey to contribute to self-confidence. They are also combining their passion and purpose to make a difference with their good and green ‘shared value’ strategy to create a more inclusive and greener India.

Movie Commentary, Tanja Dubas, CEO and Brand ManagerGodrej Group, said: “At Godrej, we are extremely proud to be an integral part of our country’s progress and journey over the last 75 years. Film #SoundsofMakingIndia captures the sounds that represent our group as a whole and merges them into one of our most popular and relevant patriotic songs, ‘Sare Jahan Se Accha’. It encourages each of us to believe in this power of progress and contribute to the journey ahead as we celebrate 75 years of independence.”

Anu Jožef, Co-Founder and Creative Vice President, Creativeland Asiaadded, “The history of the Godrej Group is inextricably linked with India’s journey towards self-reliance and independence. This film is a celebration of all the things – both big and small – that Godrej has created for India while helping to create India.”

We all have to be a part of India’s progress and add value to it and keep it intact for future generations. The logical Indian commends the strides the Godrej Group has made in building and contributing to India’s future and shaping its growth story over the years.

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