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Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what exactly to get someone who seems to have everything, but if you know a True Crime Lover, they should find at least one thing on this list.

Here are eight things every True Crime lover in your life will love

  1. First up is A Haunted Road Atlas: Sinister Stops, Dangerous Places, and True Crime Tales. This book is for True Crime lovers and comes from the owners of the hit podcast, “And That’s Why We Drink.” This book is full of photos, fun facts, travel tips, adult drink recommendations, and a guide to some of the most famous crime scene events from across the US.

2. Keep your True Crime lover’s feet warm while watching their favorite crime drama or listening to their favorite true crime podcast with these socks.

3. In fact, if keeping them warm while watching their favorite true crime show or listening to their favorite true crime podcast is a must, try getting them this awesome blanket.

4. For those who want to know every single thing there is to know about true crime, you can find them Serial Killer Trivia: Interesting Facts and Disturbing Details That Will Freak You F*ck Out book.

5. For True Crime lovers who want to be in the middle of it all, try Hunt A Killer Death at The Dive Bar, an Immersive Murder Mystery Game!

6. For the coffee lover in your life who also happens to have a True Crime, get them a mug of coffee that makes their personality shine.

7. In fact, you may find the coffee lover/True Guilt in your life this bag to make too!

8. For those who can’t get enough and are also interested in other mysteries of life, you can find them this 632-page book. It’s called The Book of Unsolved Mysteries and it has information about Jack the Ripper, the Zodiac Killer, and even the Bermuda Triangle.

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